The 4 Pillars Of Paid Traffic Monetization


So I decided to try something different with this video!


The message in it is very, very clear and if you have been struggling to figure which way to turn in relation to doing Paid Traffic, then this video is a must for you.

Plus, you should get a kick out of it since I’m doing some stuff that is outside of the normal boring stuff I used to do.

Check out the video below and don’t forget to leave me some comment luv once you finish watching it.


14 Responses to “The 4 Pillars Of Paid Traffic Monetization”
  1. Dave says:

    Hot stuff man, really this is right up my alley these days. You touched on a lot of things that speak to where I’m at right now.

    I JUST started putting together my first 2 products and one of them is about mobile. A friend asked me why the title and theme is HOW to buy traffic and use it, rather than “make a gazillion bucks on mobile!!” And it’s because of the same issues you pointed out. You’re really putting it out there.

    Speaking of doing my “how to” videos, nice going on the old school presentation. I went out and bought a white board 2 weeks back for my product explanations via Powerpoint/Camtasia. BUT, I ended up also going old school, and I’m MS Paint. It’s a perfect “white board” that I can talk and draw while doing Camtasia.

    And that back end funnel. That’s the only thing holding me up! The product stuff is almost done, but as you say, not having a structure in place-after the sale-is not the way to go. ‘Cause after you make that first sale you really want to have something else in place to grow on.

    And arbitrage. Sweet arbitrage. I had to go WAY back in my blog to find this link to when I first stumbled into that in early 2008. My first 100$ days online with good old Adsense.

    And you’re right-that opportunity is still quite viable…

  2. Mike says:

    I think it’s great the way you explain your methods and understanding of the marketing strategies used by professionals including you. I actually decide to Google traffic arbitrage to learn more about it because of the video. I do appreciate the insight your provide and also, its pretty cool you dont contact your list all the time unless you have something worthwhile to say.

    I would love to do a project with you or at least learn some more so I can improve my success rate in the online marketing business.

    Thanks again Tommie,

    Mike J

  3. Kyle says:

    Excellent – don’t change a thing with the video format. Great education and humor. I’d suggest you also embed the slides with a service like – Keep trying new ideas.

  4. Tommie says:


    I bought a whiteboard over 2 years ago and hardly ever use it. I like the MS Paint idea! Sounds great for my next “ghetto style” video presentation. Thanks man, I’m stealing that one from you!

    Glad to hear about you are doing your own products now. Anything in mobile is hot right now. I have tons of stuff for mobile since I own an App among many other things, but still wondering if and when I want to share the info. I mean I really want to help people, but some of the stuff I am doing in mobile is so good that I really want to just keep it to myself and make a gazillion dollars. I know it’s kinda selfish, but can’t give it all away, right?

    You should think about using Warrior Forum to test the market and viability of the product before you put too much into. If it jumps off on there, then you know you got something that scaleable. I have also found out how I can improve my stuff from running it there too. Next is to go bigger with it with webinars, Clickbank, etc.

    Thanks for the feedback as always.

  5. Tommie says:

    @ Mike J,

    Glad the video did some justice for you.

    Be careful arbitraging with Google traffic though. It’s not as easy as it seems. That’s why i really respect guys who are successful with that method. It’s really a science to it and a lot of trial and error and testing.

    As far as doing a project with me, I got a million things going at the moment so I am very selective about how I use my time these days. But you never know when an opportunity may present itself so keep a close eye.

  6. Tommie says:


    Thanks for the feedback!

    I want to break out of the old boring stuff I usually do and find ways to be more creative. I have found that even though I feel like I put out more practical information than most, people are not responding to my content like I want. So I figured I need to have a way to differentiate myself from all the noise makers and Johnny-come-lately types who hardly know anything about real success.

    Oh by the way, I have used Slide Share before and I bet that would be a good idea to try that with some really ugly and ghetto slides. Lol! But I would expect they probably wouldn’t accept them.

  7. Dave says:

    Hahaha, yeah Paint is really ideal. So SIMPLE and clear.

    And YES, definitely going through Warrior first. I’m actually going to do a test with a simple product first before the mobile one. Thanks for the confirmation and path to take.

    And just to speak to the mobile issue. This is my 2 cents; late 09 I spent like 900 bucks on Gauher’s PPV and it didn’t take me long to learn a) the market had a very “limited” feel to it. There are only so many people who are going to go for taking pop-ups. Consequtetnly it’s a small pool. And b) at some point because of the comptition you were going to need stronger (and paid) tools-it wouldn’t be an option. Hence CPV labs success.

    But a few months prior to that I had gotten into mobile and the very FIRST thing I could see is “this market will never get too competitive.” It’s huge. But I’ still sat quiet for 2 years. But ultimately, even after all this time, I still really don’t have any competition-except my own shortcomings. The apps world IS a little competitive-but not really-and it’s only a slice of the total mobile world. I think we’re at 7.1 billion humans to 5.2 billion phones. And places like Lithuania have like a 3 phones per human ratio! Dude, if you’ve got a mobile product in you, let it out.

  8. 1tucl says:

    Is your “The Affiliate Aftershock Method” still valid considering your divorcing Google?

  9. Tommie says:


    Man I got a ton of mobile products in me, but I’m not ready to let them out.

    Honestly, I would rather focus strictly on building the assets I have created and move away from info products and the IM niche altogether.

    I love everything about the mobile market because it gives me a challenge and its unknown. There’s no proven path or paved roads. There’s something I like about being a trailblazer.

    I am a non conformist by nature, so I like following the path every one else is afraid of.

    I think that is what draws me to mobile and I wish I could devote more of my time to it, but I can’t at the moment because that business is not quite there yet financially compared to all the other stuff I am doing.

    But at some point, I expect that the mobile stuff I am doing will provide such a significant income that I will be able to focus completely on that and nothing else.

  10. Tommie says:


    The Affiliate Aftershock method will always be valid. It’s the basic fundamentals of what building a business online is all about. Except, it allows you to start out by using other people’s stuff to monetize.

    What I teach in that course is all about satisfying Google so you can leverage their platform to your advantage.

    But what I think most people miss about the whole idea of the “I’m Divorcing Google” rant was that I never said I would stop using Google. The point I was making was that once I realized I was letting Google have too much control over how I built my business, I need to breakaway from that if I wanted to grow. Too many people saw me just as a Google Adwords expert and nothing more. I am much more than that.

    I actually did a video to clarify the lesson I was trying to teach here:

    Watch that video because there is a lesson in that you need to hear. If you don’t get the message, it might take you a while because you may not be at a point in your online marketing career that will allow you to fully grasp what I am sharing.

    But one day…

    I promise…

    It will all make sense.

    Keep pushing!

  11. 1tucl says:

    “What I teach in that course is all about satisfying Google so you can leverage their platform to your advantage.”

    Thank you for your reply

    Actually, I have already watched the Google divorce video and understood the message.
    I also understood that TAAM( “The Affiliate Aftershock Method”) was teaching business fundamentals that are always viable.

    “But what I think most people miss about the whole idea of the “I’m Divorcing Google” rant was that I never said I would stop using Google. ”

    Let me clarify what I meant to ask. Given the reasons you decided to decided to divorce Google, would you still use them for TAAM? Would it be better to switch to another traffic source?

  12. Tommie says:


    With all due respect, I still think you are totally missing the message I was trying to send. Especially if you watched the follow up video.

    Unless Google bans you, I would never stop using them and I said that in the follow up video.

    The Affiliate Aftershock method was built solely to use with Google, but I would say also use other traffic sources in conjunction with Google.

    I think you and many others are too hung up on the word “divorce” and letting that cause you to miss the lesson I was trying to share.

    I will never stop using Google as long as I am doing Paid Traffic. I’m just not married to the concept that Google is the only game in town.

    Thanks for the feedback and hopefully this helps.

  13. CVPS says:

    Loving the information on this site, you have done outstanding job on this blog post.

  14. Tommie says:


    Thanks for stopping by and glad you are getting value from the site!