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P.S. I get nothing for sharing this with you. Just thought it would help you out. :-)



In this video, I’ll have an in-depth conversation with you about the concept of tracking your ads and understanding your numbers as they relate to key metrics that matter in terms of being able to profitably acquire traffic to your website.

Very often, I run into clients and potential clients who struggle with these 2 critical concepts. Many times, they understand these concepts when I explain them but they’ve never had anyone to take time to break it down or maybe they’ve never dealt with other providers who knew enough about these concepts to help them with it.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions and also tell me if you like these sort of videos. The positive (or negative) feedback will let me know whether I should keep doing videos like this or not.


So I decided to try something different with this video!


The message in it is very, very clear and if you have been struggling to figure which way to turn in relation to doing Paid Traffic, then this video is a must for you.

Plus, you should get a kick out of it since I’m doing some stuff that is outside of the normal boring stuff I used to do.

Check out the video below and don’t forget to leave me some comment luv once you finish watching it.