Greg Cesar – Adwords Czar

“Many people know me as the Google Adwords Czar. I speak on many internet marketing stages about Google Adwords. Tommie’s is smart and creative. He decided to master the content network, where the traffic is huge and it’s harder for the sharks to copy your stuff…Brilliant.”


Jason Fladlien – 7 Figure Information Marketer

“I hung out with Tommie last weekend in Atlanta. Not only is dude incredibly smart but he’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.”



Chad Hamzeh – Super Affiliate

“There are only a few Adwords guys I’ve learned a good amount from, and 2 of them are Greg Cesar and Tommie Powers.”




Damon Greene – Marketing Consultant

“Tommie is the TRUTH. He is the Perry Marshall of the Content/Display Network. Dude knows his stuff and can prove it. Anytime I have any questions about Google Display Network or anything Banner or Media buy related… Tommie is my resource. And he is honest and upfront.”


Dr. Michael Craig – Life Coach, Author

“Tommie Powers is one of the brightest and most honest marketers I’ve every run across.”