More Mobile Marketing Consultants Needed

Mobile is a really hot topic right now.

Whether it’s Apps, SMS, QR Codes, Mobile Traffic, etc., the topic of mobile is heating up and it’s still early for what I believe will be an explosion soon.

I have actually been quietly making money in mobile for over a year now, even though most people don’t know this unless they know me personally.

I don’t brag about it too much.

But the problem that is getting out of hand is that I have been contacted many times recently because people want me to help them with their mobile strategy.

I have had to turn down several deals because I just don’t have the time to take on any more projects unless they make sense for me financially. (meaning, I need to get paid for my time accordingly)

People are finding me through my blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and they see that I own an App and that I am Director of Marketing for the company that produces the Urban Gossip App found here.

When they view my LinkedIn profile here they also notice that I am the VP of another company related to Mobile and we run a site called Mobile Is My Business.

They also see that I am a published author with a QR code on the front of my book (see my book in the sidebar) and immediately feel like I am the guy who can help them. (I put that QR code on the book for a reason!)

I also get a ton of referrals through my network because many of my friends who know me personally know how much I am into the mobile stuff and how I feel about its future.

But you may be asking…

Tommie, where are you going with this?

Well here is what I am saying…

The need for more Mobile Consultants is HUGE.

There are many people who are throwing around theories, but not many people who have practical and real world experience who can really help people who so desperately need it.

Especially for mobile apps.

A large percentage of developers have no clue how to market and monetize their ideas and they are having a hard time finding people who are competent with a proven track record to help them.

It’s really bad and getting worse because so many people are flocking to mobile right now because they want to cash in on the next New Age Goldrush.

That’s where you come in.

The people that are going to make a boatload of cash in mobile in the not so distant future are going to be the people who can identify problems in the marketplace and provide a solution to fix those problems.

You can help people do this and I want to help you.

But I need to know if this interests you.

I need to know if you want me to publish more information about what I am doing in mobile, what’s working, what’s not working, and ways you can use the information I provide to get actionable results for yourself or for others.

So in the comments section below, tell me what you think.

If I don’t get any feedback, I will assume you don’t want this information from me and I will just keep going on about my business and keep all the golden nuggets of information to myself.

So tell me something…

Do you want this information or not?


22 Responses to “More Mobile Marketing Consultants Needed”
  1. Rob says:

    Hi Tommie, I’m really looking forward to hearing more about those gold nuggets. It seems mobi is the next big thing but not sure if it’s already too late.

    Looking forward to your comments.

    Kind regards from sunny Spain,


  2. joel cannon says:

    yes,I would like to know more information on sms /qr codes as well as mobile marketing ..

  3. Please publish/share your information; It would help us greatly for those tryiing to make it!!

  4. Al says:

    Hello Tommie,

    Please provide more info regarding this. I am interested, and look forward to proceeding further.

    Thank you in advance.


  5. Marcia Jones says:

    Hi Tommie –

    Yes – I would like to know more about mobile marketing. Right now I am pretty confused about all the different aspects such as QR codes, texting and mobile websites and how they are related (or are different).


  6. Devin McMahan says:

    Hi Tommie!
    Yes, I’d like to see you riff on your mobile expertise! :) I have a few courses on it, but way overextended (meaning brought a truckload of products) but I know that it’s becoming a huge opportunity.
    Are you thinking of making a course on mobile apps, mobile consulting, mobile marketing, etc?

  7. Mike says:

    I agree that the market is about to explode. More and more business owners are asking about it.

  8. Mike Remer says:

    You are right, Mobile is hot, and there are so many aspects to it. Mobile marketing has as many facets as Internet marketing, it is huge, so any nuggets you have to share, i for one am all ears.

  9. Tommie says:

    Thanks for all the great feedback so far!

    @Devin, my people have been nudging me for a while now to put something together.

    I have been putting stuff in place already with the site we are running at but everything my partners and I have been doing related to that has been all corporate related stuff.

    My goal is to build up my Mobile mastermind group so I can have more people to touch base with that are competent in the field.

    I can’t really reveal any details for now, but the main thing I wanted to know is whether or not the idea of having a training program has legs.

    I got a bunch of stuff to share first so stay tuned.

  10. Bob L says:

    Hi Tommie:

    You know I’m always interested in your ideas and products. Always top notch.
    No B.S. from you – real world solutions, no hype.

    Looking forward to hearing what’s up.

  11. Tommie says:

    @Bob, our earlier conversation partly inspired me to share this info, so thanks for the feedback!

    After you and a few other people contacted me, it got me to thinking that maybe it’s time to find out who else wanted to know the stuff I have been up to in mobile.

    Like I mentioned earlier, my friends have been pushing me to do something for a while but I didn’t know how well it would be received.

    Most of the stuff I want to share is going to go over some people’s head if they are still confused about what they want to do, etc.

    I didn’t want to add more hype to an already hype-filled environment in the world of information marketing, so I have been quietly doing my thing.

    I did a presentation about mobile apps to my local Atlanta mastermind group back in March and I revealed a ton of information. The presentation was such a hot topic, I didn’t even get a chance to finish everything I wanted to share because it turned into a massive question and answer session.

    I have the video of the presentation somewhere, and when I find it i will post it online and share it because all my mastermind marketing friends were absolutely thrilled with it.

  12. Jay says:

    Used to think that mobile was overblown because I really don’t care about smart phones, but, can’t help notice everyone has one, execpt me. Even my mother has an iphone, she is 78.

    Might as well capitolize on it even though I still could care less about owning one : )

  13. Robert says:


    Would love to hear more from the mobile guru.

    Keep up the awesome blogs.


  14. Kevin says:

    Wondering how much time-experience-education it takes in this burgeoning field in order to call oneself a consultant…and mean it?

  15. Tommie says:

    @Jay, lol!

    You gotta get with the program.

    Not cool letting your mom out do you on the technology. :-)

    Thanks for the comment. It made me laugh.

  16. Tommie says:

    @Robert, didn’t know I was a guru! But you said it, not me.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  17. Tommie says:

    @Kevin, you can become a consultant on any topic as long as you can effectively give people actionable information that adds value to help them achieve better results than they would have without your advice.

    All you need to do is be confident in yourself and focus your energy on adding value to people who know less than you on the topic.

    You just need to realize that the value you create is worth something.

    When you focus on creating value, other people don’t mind paying you for it.

    You probably already know more than 95% of the population. I can tell you that there are people who have access to the best experts in the world and they are still clueless about mobile right now.

    You can call yourself a consultant right now and mean it. A consultant is just and adviser whose job is make sure their clients get the proper knowledge, tools, and resources either by providing them yourself or pointing them in the right direction.

    It’s not as difficult as it seems.

  18. Dave says:

    If the question is should your or shouldn’t you-then you know where I stand. The crown is on the ground and you can be “an industry leader” before the year is out.

    And like you, personally I’ve got a lot on my plate. So for me, the prospects of taking on clients wouldn’t be a direction-but once I finish my mobile WSO maybe those people will take the info and run with it. Plus I gotta finish my google WSO first and I’m way behind on that! Personally I still stick with the just making mobile money for myself on a daily basis without a client base-so hop on that people-before I come to my senses.

    And to reiterate what you said-if you can give people tangible results as a consultant they’ll be VERY appreciative, and with mobile it’s sooooooo easy to give crystal clear/traceable results and say I generated this many calls for you or installs or mobile visits, etc. Wide open field.

  19. Tommie says:

    @Dave, you are absolutely correct.

    I’m running a mobile click to call campaign with a friend of mine and now his entire office wants in on it.

    I’m talking huge ROI stuff and he’s thrilled so far.

    Plus, the app market is heating up like forest fires.

    Mobile is really taking off for me right now which is why I am putting more focus on it in the near future.

    As always, thanks for the conversation and feedback.

  20. Madison Florence says:

    Cool very informative article. I really enjoyed reading it. I recently read a great post by Andrew Hunt about how he feels that many business to business companies are missing the mobile marketing boat.

  21. Tommie says:

    @Madison, thanks for the feedback.

  22. Kevin Murray says:

    Tommie my name is Kevin Murray and I run a mobile and software development company called and I too have been faced with the same. I have been having many people asking for help with how to plan for mobile and where to start. So I starting a small mobile consultant agency/video blog that will help people understand mobile better and it’s best practices. It will be good to collab on something Tommie I to have many things in place that I would like to get out to the unknown about mobile.