Is Analytics Data Your Enemy Or Ally?

Well if you don’t know how to interpret your analytics data, it’s your worst enemy.

What the Gurus don’t tell you about traffic is how to interpret the massive amounts of data you should be collecting to help you convert that traffic.

Advantage: Guru

Now you’re left wondering:

“Why am I getting all this traffic and still not making any money?”

That’s when the Gurus are able to sell you some new bright shiny object that’s supposed to be the “magic bullet” solution.

The naked truth exposed:

It doesn’t take hordes of traffic to make a killing online.

All you need is a solid plan to get good quality traffic and the tools to determine how to turn that traffic into cash.

Not hard to accomplish.

Stay tuned for more on this matter soon.

I’m going to help you solve this piece of the puzzle.

P.S. Leave comments below so I know what you will need me to help you with regarding this matter.


5 Responses to “Is Analytics Data Your Enemy Or Ally?”
  1. Rennell says:

    Hi Tommie,

    That is so correct. Even when I speak to local businesses their “sales reps” tell them to increase the amount of clicks they get without looking to conversions at all. The first thing they have to do is make sure they have the right converting traffic and not more unrelated traffic.

  2. Tommie says:


    Thanks for the feedback.

    I know you know plenty about this stuff, so it feels nice to be confirmed by my peers.

    Nobody is really telling people the truth regarding this matter and it’s a shame.

    I believe most of the so called “experts” don’t even know this stuff anyway.

    Most of the Gurus are not doing the stuff they teach.

    Without data and being able to interpret that data, you’re really flying blind with traffic generation.

  3. Dilano says:

    Hi Tommie

    I just wanted to know how to add Stats202 or Prosper202 Subid’s to ECM tracking links, If you can help me out I will be much appreciated.


  4. Tommie says:


    Thanks for your feedback and question.

    But I don’t particularly like to using Stats202 or Prosper202 because they leave a really big footprint for advance marketers to find your landing pages and swipe your keywords.

    Wanna see for yourself what I mean?

    Follow this link: Click here to see Google results for people using Tracking202 on their landing pages for the keyword “grants.”

    So to answer your question, I don’t really know how to do that. But my partner who is an analytics and technical junkie probably knows how.

    I’ll see if I can get him to chime in on this for you. :-)

    Also, you should be building your own web properties online with real content and capturing those visitors so you can market to them over and over again.

    Having the right tools in place on your web properties will help you do a better job at that.

    It’s the only way to build a sustainable income with affiliate marketing nowadays.

    You need to build assets.

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