This is a quick video of the powerpoint I used to do a presentation on keyword research.

Check out the video!

Google is set to launch a new style of advertising on their content network that will show relevant ads to a site’s users based on their previous interests. This means that they will collect user information in order to target them with highly relevant ads. The reason I am sure they will be collecting user data is because they are asking adsense advertisers to modify their privacy policies in order to reflect this change.

What does all this mean?

This could mean several things. But I am going to focus on what this means for me.

Since I use the content network for most of my advertising via Google, this means  a lot to me. I am jumping for joy because now I can expect to be able to deliver more highly targeted ads via the content network. Since I already get cheaper clicks there, this improvement will drastically enhance my marketing efforts. The main trade off for the cheaper clicks using the content network has been the fact that search traffic is always more targeted which leads to better conversions. Now that content traffic will essentially be much more targeted, I expect to get better conversions at a cheaper price.

So what’s the big deal?

The bottom line is this:

  • Highly Targeted And Relevant Ads
  • Relatively Cheaper Advertising Costs
  • Many Styles of Ad Formats

Add all these together and you get a higher ROI! Because I already have a great system for using the content network to advertise, I am now in position to capitalize on Google’s greatness. Since they have finally decided to take contextual advertising to the next level, all content network advertisers will benefit tremendously.

The BIG DEAL is……..You need to learn the content network NOW!